IDC: LW 1000

Operating at a powerful 1000 W, this (INDcool) dry iron…

Operating at a powerful 1000 W, this (INDcool) dry iron is designed for quick and easy ironing to give your clothes the perfect crisp and creaseless finish.

INDcool1000 Watt Light Weight Iron is convenient to handle and removes tough creases without any extra effort. . Its Handle is designed for comfortable grip and easy Maneuverability. This ISI Certified Electric Iron will make the tedious job of ironing, an easy one for you!

Equipped with a non-stick coated Sole- Plate, this dry iron glides smoothly over all types of fabric without pulling or wrinkling them. The unit has a smart thermostatic control that allows you to set the temperature best suited to the fabric you’re ironing.